Swiss Financial Engineering AG is an independent and regulated financial adviser, wealth manager and investment banking focused on providing best class financial advice to its corporations, institutions, individuals and sovereigns across industry groups on restructurings, capital raising, capital market advisory and investment development.

At Swiss Financial Engineering AG, providing independent financial solution and efficient asset management is our core business. We are not part of a large diversified financial group and we do not invest, trade lend or underwrite or sell products that could potentially conflict with our ability to independently provide financial solutions to our clients.

Our Proud Heritage: Swiss Financial Engineering AG was established in the year 2008 before the global financial crisis, as an independent and privately held financial services boutique.

Since inception, Swiss Financial Engineering AG, has had the privilege of advising on numerous transactions including capital raising, acquisitions, restructurings, refinancing and other capital market advisory transactions. We are one of the boutique financial service entities to successfully complete fund raising under our asset management platform immediately after the banking crisis in the year 2009. We have made the large and special situation investments under our asset management platform and achieved a successful exit from all the investments few years later.

Global Experience/Regional Focus: The Senior Team at Swiss Financial Engineering AG, has worked in major global financial centers such as Zurich, Frankfurt, London, Dubai and New York. The team has completed various capital market transactions in Europe, South America, the Middle East, North Africa and South Asian region.